The Gavdos Guide

I discovered Gavdos because my son, then four years old, showed it to me on a map, saying: “I’d like to visit this forgotten island. Can we?”

The idea of this Guide was conceived a long time ago, the first version was writtten but never distributed.
It’s legitimate to ask why: normally one tends to distribute that which resembles a publication…

The answer is simple: did I really want many people to know about Gavdos?

I would actually say no.

A lot of time passed since, back then it was difficult to gather information about Gavdos: it’s a lot easier now, and the existence of Gavdos is no longer a secret…

Hence, the decision to complete and share this Guide.

In order to defend Gavdos, I think the best approach is to describe it, trying to transmit its essence in a way that will only attract those who are respectful of its wilderness, and keep away those that fear the remotness.
If these pages don’t make you fall in love with Gavdos, don’t go there: you are not suitable for this island and Gavdos is not suitable for you.